Not sure if this is the correct place to post this. So I've been playing for a while, but I haven't used pretty much any effects until recently, when I bought a line 6 m9. This being said, dialing in effects the way that I want is pretty hard for me to learn. Is there some tutorial that would be helpful for me to learn more about how to work delays? Alternatively how would I achieve this delay sound:





the verse
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On the second one, I just looked up some other dude playing it to hear the guitar better. Sounds like a quick slap back at the most. keep the delay and feedback short. The level \ just depends on how much you want the delay to be present. In general on both it sort of sounds like there's some reverb in there too. Just guessing.
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Tap tempo is your friend. It took me until very recently to actually bother to use it, and I feel like an idiot now.
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If you're just screwin' around, set the delay first and play off that. After doing that a few times you'll get the hang of the controls and a feel for how/if you wanna use it. And tap tempo
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