I've started collecting pedals and expanding my board a bit, and I was wondering if my power supply is handling them okay... I have a few power supplies, one is 500mA and the other over 1000mA. The 500 is smaller and easier to carry around though, and is the one I'm currently using.

If anyone could give reference to the correct mA values of the following pedals that'd be awesome, just to see if I'm using the right supply to not fry my gear!

Korg DT-10
Boss OC-3
Boss OC-2
Marshall Guv'Nor Plus 2
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi (original big one)
Boss DD-3
Boss NS-2
Boss DS-2

Will this lot, running off a daisy chain, blow up my 500mA power supply? Or should I switch to the 1000mA or higher one? Just want to know if I'm in a safe range...

Download the manuals for each one, look up their current ratings and add them all up.
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mA is just the current draw of the pedals. if you add all your pedals' mA up like cath was talking about and compare that to the power supply then the power supply will be sufficient to provide the power for your pedals, else you need something with more mA.

if the power supply can't provide enough current then generally the power supply gets pretty hot and the pedals won't get enough current to run properly.
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