Hey there folks!

I am in possession of a Washburn WM526 with stock EMG pups and I am having an issue when I plug into my amp. It produces a clean tone in the distortion channel and barely anything in the clean. it sounds like the volume on the guitar is on 25%

My first impression is the battery needs a replacement. So I bought a 10 pack and tried each one but still the problem persists.

All my other guitars with passive pickups sound perfect and just fine through the same amp.

I noticed the problem started when I plugged my Washburn into my Boss BR864. Again the same aforementioned problem too when I used that device.

A very strange thing is that when I play through my Marshall VS 8100 it sounds fine.

I am gonna buy a new cable and see if that fixes my problem. If not I will replace the pots and input jack. And if that does nothing I'll just say screw it and buy a new set of EMG's,

Does anyone here have any suggestions?

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I know this will sound silly, but make sure the plug is all the way in the guitar. It happens and there are threads around here to prove it..

Then, if that's not the issue, just open it up and check the wires. Wiggle things around while it's plugged in so you can hear any differences. Look at all the solder points. Probably just a shitty connection inside the guitar.
Wait, I'm a little confused... Your Washburn doesn't have very much output when plugged into your BOSS 8 track, but sounds fine when you plug into your Marshall, and your other guitars with passive pickups sounds fine on either the 8 track or Marshall, correct?
Hey there thank you for the replies.

My cord is plugged in all the way. Tracii Lee that is righ. I am beginning to think it is just my cable, gonna snag some cables in my rehearsal space.

Also my amp at home is a Valveking and 6505 combo's.

Thanks again.
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Try plugging the cable into your 8 track and test it with your passive guitar. If it does the same thing, it's just the cable. If not, it might be something to do with your settings on the 8 track, since passive and active pickups have different output signals, although if that was the case it SHOULD be happening the other way around, but music equipment can be pretty finicky. I would try reading the manual and see if it says anything about that. My rhythm guitarist has an Iceman with active EMGs and they are always acting up and doing weird stuff like what's happening to you. They're a real headache sometimes. Anyways, best of luck to you, hope I was able to help!