I really liked the production! The vocals were good, and the solos were solid. The mushroom shirt really did it for me! Hahaha. And of course, great song choice.
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Wow guys, that was really, really good. You guys are a great combo. can't wait for more.
Really good guys, I like the editing, the playing seems on spot, the vocals were tight. I really didn't see much needing improvement. Good job!
BK! Good to see ya back around here! Thanks Little Lexy! Reighnart thanks for the c4c. Can't wait to get a few more done with Big Bang Theory! There ain't no rest for the wicked!
Hey man thanks for the crit. Checked out the vid, I dug it. One of my favorite clapton songs, u guys did really well! The vox were really good, the guitars sounded great. The only negative thing i can say is the bass was quite quiet. However, outside of that, VERY solid cover. Loved the video editing. Great job!