I've just put some Dimarzio pickups into a strat build, and while they sound fantastic, I suddenly noticed that I cant turn the volume down completely. Sometimes it turns off and other times it decreases to 50%.

I reckon it's a loose wire but I don't know which one it could be.
Can anyone point out which wires are the probable culprits for a volume pot not turning all the way down?

Hmm just check if wires accidentally touch or not.

More than often you get either sound or no sound with the wiring. Unless it's actually wired wrong, but then you'd get 50 % all the time.

It could also be a broken/dusty pot meter.

It could also be the switch, but this also mostly just happens to be on/off.

Lastly it could be the input jack, a very common on, will have either on/off or "half power".

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Turned out to be the switch, I switched it with one of the tone pots and its working fine. Now I've rewired it to work with just one tone pot.

Cheers for your help!