Just put in a new switch but if you jiggle it about, the sound cuts out. Any fixes for this? So far the only real fix I've found is "get a new switch" but I'm sure there must be an actual way to fix it.
You helpful git :P

Fine I guess if that's the only option then I'll have to get another. Annoying.
I had this problem as well with 5 way fender style switch.

Thought it was broken, and sometimes the neck would cut out when switching, or when I wiggled it in position *like you described.

I blew in it a few times very hard and now it's gone.

Cost nothing to try eh?

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Who's Andy Timmons??

I would take a picture but I just got the guitar working and I have a concert in a few hours. Don't want to risk it :P, but lets just say my soldering work is sub-par.

It's not cutting out when I play. It just cuts if I put any pressure on it, which is annoying.
xxDarrenxx Cheers! That actually worked lol
It still makes a slight crackling noise but it doesn't cut out anymore.

I guess if it does cut out again I'll get another switch.