I know there's likely to be a thousand and one different threads like this but I'm looking for a new amp. Ive been playing with a little mickey-mouse 40 watt amp for a couple years but its not feasible in a band setting .
I play mostly rock/bluesy kinda stuff or try to atleast :L
Anyway im looking for advice about the next step up (type, models etc etc) because i haven't a notion and dont know where to even begin.

Any help would be appreciated.

Budget, location?

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A good place to start would be to try amp models or brans that your favourite artists use(d).
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Frankly, a 40 watt tube amp should be plenty loud for a band setting. or go solid state.
1) What's your budget?

2) What kind of music do you play?

3) And what kind of amp tone are you going for?
How a 40 watt amp isn't loud enough for a band situation is beyond me. I don't even own any amps more than 35 watts anymore and have never had a problem with a band setting, and my go to for band situations is a 22 watt deluxe reverb.

That said, if the amp just flat out sounds bad, then, that's a good reason to upgrade, but you'll probably want to give us an idea of how much you can spend. You can definitely buy louder 100 watters for $200. Just don't expect them to sound any good.
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It's a misconception that more wattages automatically means the same increase in volume. In most standard tube-amps, the wattage especially referes to the amount of headroom e.g. the point where the power tubes start to "break up".

With 40watts of tube power, you can make a lot of noise. I have used a Koch Studiotone (20w) and an Orange Dual terror (25w) for a long time, practicing and gigging. Never have the idea that i needed a 100w amp.

So just look at a (small) tube amp. Tone is way more important at this stage. When you find that your amp isn't loud enough for gigging, just mike it out. But in my experience, even when you don't mike it out, 20w is more that enough to hold it's own in a band-situation.
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