That could be on Quagmires Smooth Jazz SHow - Q after 12.
Giggity Giggity, Giggity Goo.

OK seriously.

Drummer's got great technique on the brushes. Very hard to do that "Stirring the soup" and keep it in time.

Sax man has fantastic Tone.

Only thing I'd look into adding...do one of you sing?
Cause the only gigs you'll get playing instrumental Jazz is at Fine Dining rooms (not a bad gig) Or Casino Lounges. (again not bad gig)
I'm working on the singing thing. I'm aiming for that real steady Mel Torme tone. Michael Buble has a similar tone if you find that name easier to relate to.
I will take the Quagmire comment as a compliment haha Thank you and I will pass the kind words onto the others.