I got a new guitar!

My friend is having a baby, aww! So he needed to get rid of a couple of guitars, he offered me this one for a cheap price if I also were to include my LP Traditional.

It was such a great deal that I had to go forward and do it. I had just got the Select Tele a couple of weeks beforehand that I had to convince my partner, but she wasn't too bothered, so I went and got it.

Here is my new (second hand) 2012 Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue VOS.

Finish and stuff.
It's a Dark Burst, or Factory Burst with a one piece mahogany body, high grade (not sure if it's AAAA or AAAAAAAAA grade) maple top, but I'm sure it's the highest they have. Trapezoid inlays and all that jazz. It just feels like butter to play it.

Anyone who knows me on here knows that I love reliced and worn guitars, not that I would ever do it to one of my guitars, no sirree, but I hate really thick polyurethane and love thin nitro finishes that can age gracefully. Don't get me wrong, I take care of my instruments but I want them to age with me. The VOS finish will end up shining as it's more of a dulling of the finish, but that'll take ages and I'm sure it will have some knocks to it by then.

There's not a single flaw on the guitar, my friend looked after it well. Here's some more pictures!

It really does feel like you're playing on the smoothest surface. The palm fits in my hand like a glove and it's making me question my 56 AVRI Strat, as previous to this, it was the most comfortable instrument I'd played. First world problems!

It goes from screaming to mellow. It's got highs and it's got lows. My favourite position is as always the neck position. It sounds highly suitable for Jazz clean and great for anything from indie to metal with the right amount of distortion, reverb gain etc added.

I've got a JB and 59 that I bought for my last LP, but I'm not sure whether or not I'll chuck them in just yet. I do like Burstbuckers.

It's a very expensive guitar, it's definitely better than the Traditional I had, is it £3000 better? I doubt it, but it's definitely better than any Traditional, Standard or Custom I've played. It's hard to put a price tag on it, but I'd definitely put it above those 3 models. The market is very inflated, and while I got it much cheaper than the used market normally sells for I think that everyone should aspire to this quality of guitar.

If you know anyone who is in a long term relationship, who also has one of these, try and somehow get the girl pregnant, you don't have to do it and I don't have time to work out the logistics for you, but there are ways of getting a R9.

Thanks for looking.

Yummy R9
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hell yes.
how much money plus the trad was it, if you don't mind me asking?
oh and HNGD
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What you really need is a new amp.

(Anything I missed?)

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Initially he wanted £2000 plus the Traditional, which would have made it approx £3000. But I couldn't afford that but I told him I could get close and offered him £1700 plus the Traditional, so that's around £2700.

They normally go for around £3000 - £3500.
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damn. for gibson the top doesnt get much better.
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Gorgeous guitar Phil, shame it's got a laminate board

Just awesome.

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