I've been running my Laney Irt 15 watt head fine for a while. It has a silent record (emulated DI) and headphone out lines in the back. I read in the manual that you can use the headphone jack without a load attached, but it didn't say anything about the emulated DI. Other day I connected the amp via the emulated DI output to my maudio interface without a cabinet loud attached. I could hear sound from the amp fine for a few minutes then it just died out. The sound faded down as I was playing within a few seconds to nothing. Now when I put the amp back in its usually place on my 2x12 cabinet and connected it like normal, the amp turns on, but doesn't have any sound. Think I could've damaged the amp by connecting it to the audio interface without a cabinet/load attached? If so, should I just bring it to a guitar tech?
Make sure that you were running it properly first by looking in the manual. Most amps that will work DI without a load you leave in standby so it only gets the preamp, but I am not familiar with yours.
It sounds like you blew the OT. If it is under warranty use it, you can be looking at $200+ to have a tech replace the OT depending on the price of the OT
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