My old one broke, so I've gotta get a new one. I play an Ibanez RG7321 with a Fender Frontman 65 amp. Shitty amp I know, I'm saving up for a good tube amp but until then I need a distortion pedal. Obviously since I'm saving for a new amp I don't want it to be TOO expensive but I also want it to be good quality. I'm looking for a Tool-esque tone if that helps.

My local Guitar Center has a Digitech HardWire series distortion on sale for $50 (originally $100). Does anyone know if those are any good?
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Yes, the Hardwire Metal Distortion is one of, if not the best dirt pedal for metal in the price range. I would definitely jump on that, it's a good deal. When you sell it later, you'll probably be able to break even. I was going to suggest a used one, but if they're on sale for that cheap, win-win.
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The metal one or the regular distortion? Both are good. If you need something to get you by for the time being, they will be fine. I used to run the metal one into a Vox AD50VT for years and was happy with it.
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