I am going to be buying a new guitar in the next week or 2 and have been offered trade in prices on all of the following instruments. I am listing these for sale in an attempt to get a bit more than the low trade in values offered. Prices I have listed aren't much more than I have been offered, but a few quid here and there all adds up! One things for sure - the shop would be listing these for a lot more than I have listed!!!

Strictly collection from Rutland, UK only, and need to be gone A.S.A.P before trading in.

Squire Telecaster - £90
Good overall condition, faint scratches on the scratch plate (that is what its there for though!) and one or two small dings here and there. Overall probably a 8/10

Tanglewood Les Paul inc Case - £90
Very good condition and very nice to play. Just as nice as my dads £500 epiphone. Comes with the case pictured (not a direct fit but it has served it well for the last however many years and its been fine). Overall 9/10

Barnes & Mullins Banjo - £70
Absolutely mint condition, played once or twice. I cant play it and know very little about it! Overall 10/10

Fender FC-30 Classic inc Case - £130
Classical guitar built in the early 1970's. Ive never seen another. Amazing condition and comes with hardcase. Sounds lovely. One tiny tiny ding on the front behind the bridge, barely noticeable, cant even see it in the pictures. Overall 10/10 except for the mentioned mark!

Ibanez RGA121H Prestige
Ibanez FR2620 Prestige
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR
Tanglewood TSE 501 GC
Fender FC30 Classic