Cutting to the chase:
About 2 months ago I got a Strymon Mobius. It's a great pedal, well worth the ~450 euros I paid. I can't really see myself ever getting another modulation pedal. This thing holds about everything you can imagine concerning modulation and the destroyer and quadrature are really something special.

Quick picture:

Quick comments on all modes:
Chorus, rotary, vibe, vintage trem and autoswell are just about what they say. Really high quality, very decent, but nothing crazy either. More parameters than you'd ever imagine, but all in all very manageable.

Flanger and phaser also are classics, but they can get crazy in various ways. Drone sounds and all that aren't even that hard to achieve and it can get really whacky.

Filter and formant are 2 modes I don't really use that much. Filter is nice for an auto-wah, but I don't do other stuff with it really and the formant is some sort of talkbox-like effect for which I find absolutely no use. I wouldn't mind if the Mobius didn't have these, but better too much than too little, I guess.

The pattern trem, destroyer and quadrature are serious monsters regarding sounds. Loads of fun to be had, but it's something you can't really use a lot. That said, I love the vintage effects you can get out of the destroyer and the lo-fi sounds the quadrature provides. The pattern trem is something different and that I haven't really experimented with outside of the presets, but it is nice, to say the least.

Overall, a quality pedal. Switches are decent, leds are bright enough, the screen is easy to read off, even in the daylight. The only thing I kind of dislike is the bank switching. It works flawlessly, but an external switch might be something to get in the future for me, so that I only need to push 1 button to switch up a bank and 1 to go down. I don't really use the tap, but I guess it's handy for those who need it.

Next up is a Whammy DT. Just got this today, but I've been wanting it for a while.
It does what you'd expect from a Whammy (the octave up stuff and all that), but the harmony is really nice also. I like the DT-side of the pedal a lot as well. The Octave Up + Dry is really nice for some "organ"-esque sounds and combined with the Mobius can give some weird stuff going on.

The momentary switch on the DT-side is a cool feature as well.
Tracking is pretty flawless, although I haven't really done any pitch shifting with more complex chords. With simple chords, it's pretty much flawless.

The pedal certainly gives a new dimension to my playing and a lot more to try out. It's a really fun pedal on its own, so I'm only curious to see/hear what it can do in combination with modulation and delay etc.

To end off, some less interesting stuff I got:
- A Boss FV-5L.
Just a simple latching footswitch for my Orange TH30. I broke my Orange FS-1 recently (switch just broke straight off) and this is a nice, smaller alternative. Boss doesn't make me doubt durability, which is why I got it in the first place.

- Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 4x4.
Pretty costly, but it does what I need. Enough outputs to power everything I can imagine ever getting that will fit my pedalboard and it's dead silent. Does get a little warm, but that doesn't give problems, really. I have to mention that it has been insanely hot the past weeks, so I'm guessing that has something to do with that as well.

- Diago Tourman.
Just a new pedalboard. My previous one (StoneCastle) had become too small, so I decided to go as large as I could at once. Really sturdy, pretty heavy and a nicely finished product. I might get a Pedaltrain Pro when this gets too small, but that's - hopefully - not for the near future.

Picture of these last acquired items and my entire board:
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HNPD man! Looks like you have yourself an awesome pedal board there now!

Yes, it's starting to work out. ^^ Sacrificed some other gear to buy it all, though. Still want a reverb of some sorts and a third delay. :P
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mobius is ****ing awesome.

Nice board in your signature, by the way. ^^

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You have an amazing setup all around!

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