Hey UG,

I wanna get an amp that can get me a John Frusciante like clean tone, I want it to be sort of mid priced and reliable because I will be giging the shit out of it. All I really want is a a good, full, tube clean tone I can get my distortion sound with pedals.
The budget is ~600USD.
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Used silverface Twin Reverb and a decent compressor would be my choice.

The Frusciante clean sound isn't really reliant on the amp, it's mostly the way he plays and the guitars he uses. If you've got a strat or a Gretsch (shows up a lot more than people realize on his studio work) and a squeaky clean amp with a fair amount of bass, you're set. A compressor is a good addition but it's not completely necessary for most of his stuff.
To get that funky sound in particular you will need a compressor set to mid/fast attack, mid/low treshold, fast release, and high ratio.

Then, any good clean amp, set with high mids and highs should do.

Blackheart BH-15 maybe?
Or used fender hot rod deluxe, for something more mainstream,
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