I'm having trouble with the palm muting at the start of master of puppets my wrist gets tired a little more than halfway through the intro part and I start missing notes is there any way i can increase my endurance in my wrist to be able to keep up with the song?
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Use Staccato and finger muting instead of palm muting.

That'll sound like something else if he does that.

You're probably playing faster than your current skill allows you.
Play it in a tempo where you can keep your wrist relaxed and loose. Slowly but surely you'll be able to keep up with it.
Just be patient, as getting the tempo up to speed with the original track.

Playing tense will really kill your endurance fast...so the only way is to practice until you're comfortable playing at that tempo.

That's all generic advise really, and some one else might be able to give you better and more detailed advise.
If you're relatively new at guitar it might be useful to upload a video of yourself playing if you can. You might have some bad habits that's hampering your progress too.
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If you're thinking about the concept of endurance you're using too much tension. Slow it dow nto a speed where you could play all day and not get tired. Then, with a metronome, go up 2 bpm, down 1, up 2, down 1, etc until you get it to the right speed. This probably won't happen in one day, so definitely don't try to force yourself. If you hit a wall or start feeling stress put the pick down for a few minutes and do something else then come back. Think loose, relaxed and close to the string.
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well before i read all this i had been practicing quite a lot and i can say now that practicing along with the backing track full speed im still making progress just seems real slow i've made it past the part where my wrist gets tired but only a few times guess i will just work at it some more
I do massage and get some wrist fatigue from that from time to time. Your forearms might be way tight (usually the inner part). I use a gadget called "Armaid". You can Google it, it's pretty cool. Youtube "self forearm massage" as well. Might be helpful.