Currently have this posted on ebay. All the details are available on the ebay listing. I'm not sure how comfortable I would be doing this transaction outside of ebay.

But other relevant information: I bought this guitar in 2007. I've loved it so much! But sadly it doesn't get played as much as it used to. Mostly because I've been playing acoustic and semi-hollowbodies more recently and playing less shredy music. The biggest reason I want to sell this is so I can buy myself an Ibanez AR420.

I have a "Best offer" option available on ebay, meaning offer me something! I really feel like $800 is the lowest I will go, but you do get free shipping, new strings and a very pristine shred guitar.

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I can't edit my post, but I read the forum rules AFTER I posted this thread. Let me addend myself.

For sale I have an Ibanez S2170FB, Prestige Electric Guitar. The Ibanez S is known for it's extremely thin body and high comfort and playability. The finish is a figured bubinga bound into a mahogany body. Despite the small size, the guitar has some weight to it, weighing about 5 pounds, so it still feels very full and large. The guitar is fully stock. I purchased the guitar in 2007 and played and loved it since then, however, recently I've been playing mostly semi-hollowed body guitars and don't play this one as much as I used to! It doesn't get the attention it deserves. This guitar has never been toured with and has never been used in a live-setting. The guitar no road ware. I've only played this guitar in my house. There are no dings or visible blemishes on the guitar. There is some visible blemish on the guitar bridge and metallic bindings on the pickups (visible in the pictures). Included is a hardshell case! The item will be packed very well and shipped in the hardshell case.

Included in the sale I put on a brand new set of D'Addario strings on the guitar. The guitar is tuned to E standard. Everything is setup and the guitar is ready to shred right when it arrives.
[forbidden link]

Those are photos. I'd want about $800 for it! If you need anymore details, just ask away!
I can't even post a link to dropbox which contains the photos. They are all quite large in file size and I don't want to resize them. Oh boy, is this forum useless.
The forum is not useless, it just has safeguards in place to protect its members from spam and scams. Sounds like an awesome guitar, and i wish you the best of luck with the sale. Maybe resize one or two photo so you can show the people what you are selling and exchange information by PM or e-mail after the initial look at the guitar? Just an idea.