Morning, everyone.

I'm in the middle of true-bypassing my 535Q and after following the tutorial down to the letter I'm having NO luck getting the thing to work.

I've also installed an LED as an on/off indicator and that's about the only thing that works. What happens is that when I flip the switch the LED comes on and I get a clean signal, but no wah. When I turn it off I get no signal at all.

The walk through I've used is for a newer board as I've discovered that the board that I'm using is Revision C. This is the link for the walkthrough: Link.

If anyone could help me out or find a walkthrough for an older board, let me know. Thanks, guys!
Take a high-res pic of the top and of the bottom of the board and I may be able to tell you which wires go where.

Directly link them, DONT POST THEM.
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I wasn't expecting a double-sided board... I hate double-sided boards... I can't tell what wires go where but

Wire the switch like that. Trace the tip lugs of the jacks to the wires they lead to in the header (it may be easier to just cut the traces and hard-wired the lugs to tie switch). You'll need to cut the trace at the input jack tip--the jack's tip goes to the corresponding lug of the switch. The other side of the cut goes to the "effect in" lug of the switch.

Its a lot easier than it sounds. I'm sorry I'm not very helpful but I'll try to get you through it.