Hiya sorry if this post seems to drag on a tiny but but if you read through it and have some advice I'd be really greatful :-)

I'm 16 years old and Bass guitar is my main instrument at the moment by a long way , not the greatest but I don't think I'm bad either, certainly fairly good for a 16 year old thats been playing bass for less than a year anyway! I also take drumming lessons and that's going pretty well I guess but I'd be hesitant to say I could play it as a main instrument but I don't really know , I also play trombone I have done since I was young but there's not much space for a trombone in the music I'm most interested in playing.

I'm going to be doing Btec Level 3 ( A level ) music performance at college in 5-6 weeks time. To cut a long story short I decided to get into music again properly 3 months before taking the audition for the course and I actually played bass after having it less than two weeks and amazingly I still passed the performance and theory test and got a place.

Since my GCSE's started two years ago my dad got Cancer so I was spending most of my time as a young carer and any time at school was wasted as I just wanted to be at home helping! me dad did pass away January of this year and that was really when I realised I had to find a college place and do it without the best grades!

So that's the situation , playing Bass and keeping drumming as an extra string to my bow as it were.

However I also have a classical, acoustic and electric guitar which I have been teaching myself, my electric guitars a big heavy Epiphone les Paul standard and I can play some stuff fairly well , power chord stuff with simple riffs like but nothing more advanced than that.

I'd really like to be a great bluesy hard rock guitarist that's the sort of thing I like , Hendrix , Jimmy Page , Stevie Ray Vaughan and lots of hard rock blues stuff but I know I'm years of it! I really wish I'd started playing young and maybe by now I'd have ten years of playing under my belt but that's not the case.

So , I've started playing and teaching myself classical guitar, some simple piece and parts of more advanced ones but I'd say around now with practice I can consistently play at a kind of intermediate level, not advanced, but not really easy either. I was hoping that if I can spend the next few years learning classical guitar and spending time on my les Paul just as and when that in time it will help my overall ability and make playing the sort if stuff I want to on guitar easier?

So , basically my question is will learning classical guitar help me to play advanced blues/hard rock on electric guitar in the future?

Sorry this were so long but thank you to anyone that can help!
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So , basically my question is will learning classical guitar help me to play advanced blues/hard rock on electric guitar in the future?
Absolutely. As someone who loves Classical music, I'd always suggest learning it. There is so much you can learn about music but also about yourself when playing an acoustic. There are no illusions of grandeur when playing so intimately, just you and the talent you possess.

Beyond that though, a better place to learn technique, dexterity, musicianship, ensemble balance, endurance et al is Jazz music. That is once you've truly mastered the classical guitar.

The best advice I can give is this: If you master the art of Jazz, ALL other music, especially Rock, will become unbelievably easy to play.

Don't apologize for the length of the post and best of luck in your development, sir.
When do you truly master classical guitar? And why should you wait to get into bluess before that?
I agree with alljudaspriest only in the sense that learning classical music and guitar will add to your skillset as a bonus. If you want to be great at blues, spend the most time listening and learning to blues.
Also that user's comment on jazz; if you're a jazz master, that might ease your ability to perform rock music, but I do believe the rock genre (and blues for that matter) is getting diverse and interesting enough for me to say that mastering jazz guitar would not make you a great rock musician per sé (as opposed to a performer).

If you like SRV, Page etc. focus on learning from them first. When you get bored and want something new, then try diversifying your tastes with classical or jazz or world/folk music or even animal songs. If you like SRV, odds are you'll get good at that kind of style and you should always try to fly in the wings of your strength. In the long run it's about having fun whilst maintaining a good work ethic and an open mind, not about mastering styles that the music school establishment has accepted as quality.
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Okay thank you both, I'm pleased to know that the time I've spent with the classical guitar isn't being wasted! I know I have two whole years at college which I'll mostly be playing Bass , that's two years I can spend further developing my guitar skills

I know I can study Hendrix , Page , SRV and any of the blues / rock guitarists but in terms of Jazz guitar other than Django Reindhart Im not familiar with many jazz guitarists. I have a book of Lef Zep songs , also one of blues songs which has some Hendrix and other stuff in so I'm well covered on that front. Where could I learn Jazz guitar?
I agree with the last half of what Divinephyton said.

If you want to get really good at playing bluesy hard rock, practice playing bluesy hard rock! If you practice jazz, you'll get good at jazz; if you practice classical you'll get good at classical. Practising something different to what you want to do is like driving in the opposite direction to your destination hoping to get there!

Plus busting out SRV at a party will be way cooler than playing Autumn Leaves :P
Yeah that's true haha, well I enjoy doing everything anyway half of it is because at the moment im just doing nothing where college hasn't started I'm sure when college starts and I actually have something to be working on all the time I won't have ants in my pants so much!
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Plus busting out SRV at a party will be way cooler than playing Autumn Leaves :P

depends what kind of party this is