So first off I'm selling my VK because it's just too big for what I need right now. The other day this guy offered to trade me an '83 Ibanez artist series in excellent condition. The thing is I know nothing about Ibanez guitars or the quality of these instruments. I've read things about them being comparable to Les Pauls, but I just want to get some more opinions/input. I don't really like the DC LP style. I honestly don't plan on keeping the guitar, but it seems like something I could trade a bit easier for something closer to what I want.

Is this worth it? It seems more valuable than my amp is...

Any input appreciated

Take that deal ASAP. VKs are worth $250 on a good day. A legit MIJ Ibby Artist will get you at least that much - more importantly, it's just a way nicer piece of gear to have than a VK.
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I don't know how the market is where you live, but trading for something you're not keeping anyway isn't that great of an idea in my book, unless serious profit can be made OR if what you're selling is really hard to sell and what they're offering will sell in an instant. But then again, if theirs will sell in an instant, they could as well just sell it themselves and just pay you with the cash they get from the sale.

That said, I do believe this is a solid deal.
That guitar looks pretty mint and its already 30 years old which for Ibanez is some serious age. Then the whole fact that it is a real Made In Japan Ibanez, yes it may not be the top of the line guitar but all MIJ Ibanez guitars are usually sought after as Japanese craftsmanship is quite nice. If the amp is of no use to you I would certainly suggest looking at the trade I am confident you would be coming out on top and being a MIJ Ibanez if you kept it, it may actually appreciate in value.
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well i'll say even the low end ibanez's are pretty sick and if you're not using that guitar i'd take the ibanez ofcourse they are mean't for heavier playing shredding metal sound nice clean too
Grab that right now. You play it and you might just end up keeping it, and that's in fantastic condition. Dat bridge
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