I'm in the market for a new guitar, and I have found a Tom DeLonge Epiphone ES-333 going for £350.

Now, I know this guitar sounds amazing with distortion, playing punk rock and associated styles, and I am a HUGE Tom DeLonge fan, so this really interest me. However, I am unsure about the clean tone capabilites of this axe.

My band plays a mix of Punk Rock and Ska, and I would like to know if this particular guitar would be any good for Ska music. It's hard to tell through videos.

What do you guys think? Is £350 a good price?
Don't know if the price is right without seeing and playing it (and the current exchange rate US-UK), but it should sound great clean. It's up to you on how well you like it and if it fits your style. The pickup can always be changed, but keep the OEM parts in case you decide to sell it.
Everything I've read and heard about the ES-333 (and the whole ES range, really) is that they're super versatile guitars. So I would think they'll handle cleans well. But it depends on what amp you're running, too.

And keep in mind you could switch out the pick-ups for a set that aren't as hot, too.
its all about the amp man.
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The problem with that guitar of course is the reduced controls and only a bridge pickup. If you like that, then that's no problem I guess.

That's a bit of a rip off though. I could actually buy a brand new one in my part of the world for 235 quid. It's a signature model but it's not any kind of vintage.

How much does a regular 335 go for in that rainy part of the world? According to ebay a lot less than that.
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