I have a vox valvetronix vt40+ I'm trying to achieve the chug type metal sound with this thing, would an overdrive pedal help me achieve this? tubescreamer? what do you think?
that tends to work better with tube amps. I've never actually tried it with a modelling amp, but yeah.

you have it set to one of the high gain amp models, right? what guitar/pickups are you using with it?
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Orange Mode on UK Metal got me the most desirable sounds for metal. Have you tried using the built in Tube OD pedal already?
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Tubescreamers work as boosts by sending a bigger signal to the V1 preamp tube, to make it clip more. This doesn't work on solid state amps, because there is no V1 tube. You're just going to push a SS front end and get SS clipping. Which sounds terrible.

Does your amp have a built in tubescreamer model? In that case setting it up as a boost (level 10, gain 0) should replicate how they affect tube amps.
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You may be better off running the amp clean and sticking something like a Suhr Riot or Barber Dirty Bomb in front of it.
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