Hey guys I'm back with some metalcore. It needs like 3 others parts and maybe a solo and all the structures will be there. I was envisaging a breakdown to follow up next but its very common to do it like that and I try to be original so maybe giving me ideas or advice would be great.
Lone Wolf.gp5
I really like it !

I definitely feel like you should include a total pause of one (or two) bar(s) and then start an epic chorus (probably with two voices). What you've done this far really puts the listener into the mood and I personnally can't wait for an epic chorus starting heavily :P(actually I would have seen it a little bit sooner, like after the 54th bar, but anyway)

Though, maybe the bassline could be more interesting, but that's a very personal opinion.
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Yes I see what you mean and your idea is really good. And it's about time to get into the chorus so yes I will work on that. Thank you Kafiolet!

for the bassline I will let my bassist do it's work I know It's a bit simple.
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yes, it flows way better! Thank you Drapte I'll use this beat instead of mine, thank you so much.
thank you! I gave you a crit on your thread and I have to say I was imprssed! I dunno when I'll finish this song... probably not soon. I'm a bit uninspired at the moment
Very nice riffs I must say, the singer's melody is very melodic and adds a nice touch to the song.

I gotta say that the bass and the rhythm guitar is a bit bland...a bit more variation may make things more interesting, I guess it would fit these genre more.
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