A few days ago I finished my new pedalboard. I have built a few earlier, but this one is hopefully the last one. In short its a pedalboard with a built-in programmable looper.
I wanted to have a pedalboard that was easy carry around with the pedals protected (thats why I have the walls around it and the handle in the back), but most of all I am tired of tap-dancing, and therefore i also included the 5 channel programmable looper. Further details is written above the pics.

This is how it looks like. I guess you understand how it works:

Another picture. I wanted to keep the size a bit down so it measures 63x33 cm (25x13 inches)

This is the brain, meaning the 5 channel programmable looper. I am not into electronics so I simply bought and took the electronics out. American loopers was really helpful, and at my request they also made an insert-point between loop 3 and 4 where I can put my volume-pedal and other pedals that I dont need to have in the programmable loop.
I did really look into every looper in the universe before I chose this one. This one was perfect for me. It is true bypass, easy to program, and its also easy to switch between program-mode and normal-mode. Program mode means that each knob activates a particular pedal-combination, in normal-mode each knob controls its own pedal. A couple of years ago I had a board with even more loops (8), but I figured I dont need to control every single pedal so 5 is enough.

This is how the knobs look like. Pretty sturdy.

This is shows how the pedals are attached to the looper underneath the board.

Underneath the top-plate you can get a glimpse of the pedal power 2+. There is room for two of them but that prbably wont be necessary.