So, i've been playing guitar right handed for about 8 years now. Though I write and draw left handed, I always played guitar right handed. (I guess simply because I was taught that way or i'm ambidextrous) Of course my coordination now is amazingly better than when I started. I can hammer down just about anything with a few days of practice. Even sweeping has become a breeze. (If I practice the arpeggio a lot.) So anyways, to get to the point... well it got boring.

So as of today, (Aug 9th 2013) I've been playing guitar left handed 1 week. I even flipped an old guitars strings to be left handed. To be honest, it is quite fun and is obviously a challenge. However it feels like i'm getting better a lot quicker this time around, though I guess it is from my current knowledge of music theory/ finding chords. And just having an ear for music.

Anyways, i'm now considering buying a semi-holo left handed guitar to help/improve left handed playing & posture. (Though I've always wanted a semi-hollow electric.) Im still practicing right handed playing everyday. After seeing Micheal Angelo Batio and Kyle Gass' play the "double" guitar... well that inspired me to try and play both ways at once. Maybe one day ill have my very own

Anyone else's thoughts on this are appreciated. Positive or negative, leave your feedback!