Hey all, I'm new to Reaper and I'm trying to record a track with my guitar. When I record something in Reaper I get this buzzy, static noise on top my guitar. The guitar is all there but the static noise is too prominent for a good recording. I use an ibanez rg120 plugged straight into my Mobile Pre AI which is plugged into my laptop via USB. I use a guitar rig 4 VST in reaper but that's not the problem as the static noise is there even if I record with a normal track. Any suggestions or solutions would be much appreciated.
Try turning down the gain on your interface. Also, make sure you have a good cable connecting your guitar to your interface. If turning the gain doesn't work, you may want to consider spending $20 or so to get a new guitar cable.
Thanks, the gain thing didnt work but I messed with the block size and it stopped. Now I have to work on getting a good recording without it being too loud and making fuzz.