Interesting. I could see that being on the soundtrack of a scary movie. I really liked the organ sound (i think thats what it was). Great work.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Not really my sorta thing I'm afraid, nice guitar tones though. Could have done with some more panning, everything seemed to be fighting for the same bit of space to my ears. Perhaps some really murky and mutilated choir sounds in the background would work too.
Thanks for the feedback man.

I don't know how you got that wicked atmosphere going with that synth but it is amazing. I found the Lead at around 1:20 a little too abrasive in the mix.
In the second half that guitar that is doing the bends and has a little bit of echo/delay is orgasmic. You did a great job on that. Seriously makes me want to take a bong rip.
Those vocals at the end again seemed out of place in the mix like that guitar earlier. They could just use some warming up so they don't sound so scratchy.
Otherwise this was fantastic.

I just listen to your song. I really enjoy how it starts! It's made me trip to kinda 007 Stuff. Haha. Love it. The sounds you put after that, to be sincere, i did not like them a lot, i think it's a matter of taste. Then, at 1.27 the guitar riff that sounds there, i love it! I think the guitar there should have maybe a longer delay effect... Again, a matter of taste.

2.38 I like that change ...

In a general way i like the piece a lot, it transport me and i think it was the point!

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" Living the world as the music makes me feel "
Sounds somewhat goth to me: fine by me. I like the organ & the weird sounds. Some good singing would be nice (sounds a bit long without singing). In some ways it sounds 60's, in other ways 80's (fine by me). I like the guitar around 3:00 (like the Doors). Nice recording. Please review my music at this link:

Could be in a silent hill game!

Organ is top notch!

My only complaint would be those pick scrapes at the start, not sure if they fit or they're just too loud...that's just my opinion anyway.

Keep up the good work!
Thanks for the critique!

I really like the atmosphere you have set with this song. It's really eerie and I think it would be perfect in a gothic sort of movie especially the way it seems to just build up to something!
I really like the bass at the very start of the song and the pick scratches add to the overall gothic vibe. I like the change at around the 2.30 minute. It stops it from being repetitive!

Overall I really enjoyed it!
Keep up the good work!
Yeah the guys above me are right about suggesting it could be in a creepy as **** movie or something, it definitely has that vibe. Rather menacing, I like it, good job