Cheap? Yes. Good? Dunno. How long per lesson and what are the teacher's accreditations? $40 per half hour seems to be the rate around here for the recommended teachers, and there's a 12 year-old that charges $10 per lesson on Craigslist. Something is better than nothing, so give it a shot!
as far as how well they teach no idea , i just thought wow that's $48 a month
online lessons are more than that . to good to be true id say don't know
That is very affordable but the quality of music lesson I am not sure of. Actually I don't have any idea which is cheaper and which is expensive when it comes to lessons on music, however, I would like to mention that for $12 that is very cheap.

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Very cheap, but like others have said, the quality of tuition could be very poor.

You need to ask:
Why are they so cheap - is the teacher actually very good but new to teaching so undercutting his competition, or does the price reflect the quality of his teaching?

If it's the latter, he may take 10 lessons to teach you something other teachers could teach you in 1 lesson, in which case, you've actually spent twice as much as if you'd hired a more expensive teacher!
I will say that a lot of guitar teachers price themselves at a rate they believe they deserve, if the guitar teacher is skilled and qualified, they will demand £25 an hour, 12 dollars, £8 an hour tells me that the teacher is not good at all, I wouldn't get out of bed for that much, and I say that as a guitar teacher.
I can't understand there's no decent music class where you can learn it...

Here in Belgium we can learn electric guitar the same way as violin or piano for about €109 a year... And a full course is 9 years I guess..
And you have guarantee that your teecher is good since they may only teach if they have a music degree...

Isn't there something like that in the states too?
nope not that im aware of . people who teach music around here are like nomads
one day there here next day there gone "guitar that is" they never stay around very
long .