Hi! I love the colour of Slash's 1987 Ritz 59' copy Les Paul, as do almost everyone I know. I made a Les Paul with a Zebrawood top exactly a year ago (its birthday is tomorrow ) and I wanted to take on my next challenge. Not a copy of his complete guitar, but the colour only. I will be using Stewmac ColorTone liquid stains ( http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Finishing_supplies/Colors,_tints,_and_stains/ColorTone_Liquid_Stains.html ) what can I use to get that perfect colour?

Thank you so much!

Here are some pictures of that guitar


Also could you possibly add the steps how I should go about doing it. Never finished a guitar like this before. Thanks again!
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well you want to use cocaine and heroin for your grain filler.

as far as transtint for the slash package you want a couple shots of jack daniels brown around the edges, marlboro red for the back and sides, then use budweiser amber over the entire top for a six pack of coats.

let it rest on a hooker overnight.

then sand the entire thing back and clear coat.


no really, red mahogany for the back, black, medium brown and amber for the top. there are "how to" videos everywhere. there are many steps to the process and it's a lot of work but it's worth it in the end. how you go about it also depends on what you are doing the finish on. is it a solid top guitar or a veneer top?
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It will be a solid 1/4 piece of flamed maple on the top.

you're going to want to practice on a few pieces of maple so you get the hang of it. go pick up some maple or pine at the local lumber yard, home depot etc.

this is not something you "nail" on the first go.
Yeah I will for sure. Thanks for you help. When you said 'black, medium brown and amber for the top' does that mean black, then sand then medium brown then sand then the amber?
actually for that top you could probably just get away with brown, sand back, amber and more brown do edge the burst, sand back amber entire top, amber entire top, clear.

but i'm sure there are plenty of ways to go about it as well as tutorials on the tube or refinishing sites.

check in GB&C, mylespaul.com as well as reranch.com, they have some good threads on LP's. i'd be surprised if they didn't have a slash sig or two redone.