Hey guys! I'm here again asking yet again another gear question so ill get right too it.

I use a Tremonti wah to a Zoom G2.1u to a Marshall 40 Haze.

To be frank, the haze sucks besides it's cleans which in my ears sound great if you know how to balance your EQ and reverb.

I am looking for a multi-effects pedal to replace my zoom. The model is fantastic, but out dated by so many years. One problem I have the most with is switching between effects and finding good natural sounding distortions and overdrives. It's a true by-pass which I love, though it's not necessarily needed if it doesn't create so much noise if not. I love it for what it is, it just sucks getting good thick and heavy sounds from. And yes I did go to a website specifically designed to acquire new patches by different consumers of the product. I've recorded an album and EP with the Zoom as my effects unit and some of the sounds don't sound all that well when mic'd up. I played a show last weekend and the venue had my guitar in all of the stage monitors blaring cause the dudes an idiot and I just was despised on how ear piercing and unnatural it was.

I play ALL types of music from jazz to country to metalcore, the whole 9 yards.

I'm not looking for a new amp so don't try to sell me on that, I know it sucks already :P

My price range is up to $450-500, no more.

I was looking into the Line 6 m13 and as well as the Line 6 POD HD500 and 500x. I like the 500 due to options you have at once. With the 500, I've noticed there are A LOT of unnecessary effects on it. If anyone has any experience with any of those products please give me some short insight. Any other recommendations of any other products are welcome, I've also looked into some Vox Tonelab models as well. Also the Boss ME-70 and GT10 and 100. Although the ME-70 looks horribly cluttered. Any help would be appreciated because I want some good sounds in easy access. I'd rather go multi effects than pay $120 each for 7 different pedals when ill only use less than half regularly.

Thank you for your time
The M13 & POD get a lot of love round here, they're good effects. Never owned one personally, but given their reputation I'd recommend one over the Boss ME series (never tried the GT) as Boss's drives aren't that great. I owned the ME50 for several years, it was good for everything else but there were only really a couple of usable drives. The ME70 is the 'upgraded' version of the ME50 - I say that because it has more options, but supposedly uses cheaper components.

One thing though - with a multi effect pedal you're always going to get a lot of unnecessary effects. It's what they do

Also worth noting that if you think you'll only use 3 or 4 effects regularly & another 3 or 4 occasionally, if you were to buy separate pedals you would almost certainly get better quality with individual pedals for what you use most often. You could then buy cheaper pedals for the optional extras (Joyo & Danelectro are good for this), or possibly something like the Line 6 M5 (this is the route I've gone with the Zoom G3 on my board).
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I would suggest a few things to try before giving up on the Zoom since you mention that you like the fx and not the modeling. I haven't honestly fallen in love with amp modeling technology so I prefer to use real preamps in the chain if possible. Currently I run a Boss GT-10 with PSA1 preamp in the fx loop and that sounds a lot better than the Boss by itself.

I guess it would mean whether you can get fx out/return on that unit so you can patch an external pedal or your amps preamp circuit in a 4 cable configuration.

1)Patching the preamp of the Marshall in 4 cable setup - you might be able to get the Zoom to switch channels if it has that function or you can manually switch channels and just engage a distortion or overdrive setting from the Zoom. I am thinking that the dirty channel on the Marshall might work well if boosted with a treble booster or something else, and if you can do that with a patch change you might be set. My Boss GT-10 works that way with a JCM900 and it sounds great. Only downside is since we're talking tube amp and a processor with multiple patches that volume on the amp makes a huge difference on how the noise gates are activated and so forth.

2) Using external preamp pedal
If your Zoom has an fx loop you may be able to fix the problem by getting an analog pedal distortion/overdrive unit. The ones that sound fantastic on pretty much everything I've used them on are the Sansamp Classic, GT-2, Blackstar HT-Dual, H&K Tubeman II.

The Sansamp TRI-AC is good up to speed metal sounds and the Tech21 DoubleDrive 3X is a bit difficult to dial in but works really good as well. These 2 can save up to 3 different sounds.

There was also the Mesa Twin which is now discontinued but is also fantastic if you can get one used.

The HT-Dual can do overdrive on one setting and distortion on the other, the Tubeman is a 3 channel preamp which can do clean, crunch, high gain and sounds excellent.

Nothing is stopping you from having more than one dirt pedal in the loop as well, like two overdrives running is series.

Now, assuming these options won't work, I'd say I still like the Boss but would probably suggest Vox as their pedals sound more analog and believable with the least amount of tweaks. I am not overly excited by Line6 gear although some of them could do the 4 cable setup and might be worth investigating in regards to that.
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pod hd500 owner here.

IMHO the Pod's strengths are in the amp modelling, and in the flexible patching and routing, not in the effects. If you want to swap pedals in and out, and re-order them in the chain, then the 500 is great at that. For instance, if you do covers and want a total sound change between songs, etc. But if you only use a couple of standard effects, and want a good solid tone, then you should seriously consider putting your money into a few good dedicated pedals instead.

The pod's reverb is good, the compression is ok if not very tweakable, the eq and the dists is ok if a bit harsh, and the tuner works, but the rest is just nasty crap. None of the filters, chorus, wah, flanger, pitchshifters and 'other weird shit' are remotely usable IMHO.
I own a sans amp tri-ac. Look into this pedal! Sounds great. Fender cleans. Marshall crunch. Mesa leads. What more could you want in a distortion pedal?

To bad mine just sits around now... ( works perfect... Just play alot of bass)