I know how you hold a pick is mostly based on your own comfort and what feels right for you, but I can't get it out of my head that I am playing incorrectly. I've tried correcting my technique, holding a pick between the side of my index finger and the flat part of my thumb, but I cannot get comfortable playing like this. (tried it for two weeks, I know its not much time but it makes me not even want to play )

I threw in some pictures of how I am comfortable holding a pick. Am I going to hurt myself playing like this? Pinch harmonics were a huge pain to learn like this, but I can produce harmonics across the fret board now, and I have no problem with alternate picking, strums, or downstrokes playing like this.

Is it ok for me to continuing playing like this? Should I just keep trying to correct my technique?

Thank you,
The gear:

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Don't use two fingers and thumb, use one finger and thumb. You might get away with playing like this now but it will restrict you later.
it's kind of the usual balancing act between "if you're comfortable don't change it" and "but bear in mind it might hold you back later".

it's up to you, really. if it's not holding you back i'd be tempted to leave it- I mean EVH holds his pick in a pretty idiosyncratic way and it doesn't seem to have held him back much.

but if you find some things difficult, it might be better to change it.
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