Hey guys

I'm looking to do some mods to my Akai Drive3 Overdrive pedal.

I'm looking to tame the mids a little and boost a little bass. Also make the tone knob more responsive as right now, it's at 9 o'clock and that's where the pedal doesn't sound too trebly and tubescreamer like. Anything above 12 is unusable. I know I bought a TS clone and it's expected, but I'm looking to mod it.

So mods I want to do:

Reduce noise when engaged. My Laney Cub makes quite a bit of noise on full volume. Hit the pedal and I've got static galore and lots of noise. I want to cut that down.

I want to increase bass in the circuit and make the tone knob more responsive (when knob is at 12, that's a balance of treble and bass, not at 9.

I'm looking to extend the gain range. When gain is on 0 I want it to e more clean than what it is right now. As for max gain its a booster/ light overdrive pedal so the gain on max is perfect

It's basically the same mods Keeley does to a TS808

I asked the manufacturer for a schematic but no reply so far. The pedal is a copy of the Biyang X Drive or GFS Greenie.

Hope you guys can help me

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