I was coming out of a junk/resale shop today and a guy was coming down the sidewalk carrying a flying V in his hand. No case. He was going to try to sell it to the store. He said it was a late 70's Hondo and that it had no electronic issues. He said he wanted $30 bucks for it. I didn't hesitate and got gone quickly. It is a Hondo Deluxe Series 767 in a dark wine finish. It is in great shape considering its age. Wasn't this one of the Gibson lawsuit guitars? I have heard before that they are excellent players and that the people that own them love them. I have not found much info online in the few minutes I have been looking. Any feedback on this guitar would be great. Thanks!!
Its a Hondo, it will never be worth much. But if it plays and sound good that's all that matters anyway and $30 if its in good shape is a super find man.

I have a HMR1 I neck thru and ohsc I got for $75 and a phase pedal. I put grover locking tuners on it and its an awesome guitar now, the original tuners were absolute crap, couldn't even go 3 minutes without going out of tune, almost thought about getting rid of it.. Now it stays in tune for hours.

Any way some Hondos are good some suck ass, but for $30 how can you go wrong.
What the hell!!!
I had a hondo LP, probs about 20+ years old. Played like crap

Didnt wanna spend the money making it better so its now part of a table at my mates house.
I shouldn't post when drunk..

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