So I have no idea where to post this question, but this seemed like the best place, so if I'm wrong, please correct me.

Anyways, I would to get my hands on a Shure 520DX "Green Bullet" microphone so I can get those "lo-fi" distorted vocals at live shows. But usually harmonica players run them through a small guitar amp, but I want to plug mine right into the house's PA system. Will that get me the same result, or will it sound like crap?

If it helps, I'm looking for that Three Days Grace, Seether, Lenny Kravitz kind of sound. Thanks!
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if its for regular singing buy like a sure sm57 or 58, if you want the harmonica mic. effect get the green bullet and put it into a tube amp and mic that into the pa
i have an old harp mic. it's not a super great one, it's a bell and howell cr-80f. i think shure made them, like as a lower end model like squier with fender. you can find them pretty cheap on ebay although i've had a hard time trying to find the one i have or even info on it. i've seen similar models though anywhere from 20-60 bucks. might be a better one to start off with. i got mine for free from a friend, but now i can experiment with it before getting a more expensive one.

anyways, i've found it sounds pretty cool on almost anything. gives it a lo fi analog kinda sound. i recorded some acoustic blues on it and it sounds really cool. almost like listening to an old tape or record. it has a certain kind of distortion to the tone, but it still sounds good to me. and they do pick up sound better at close range like in the video but like i said, i recorded some acoustic blues on it and it sounded fine. i have a tube pre amp though that helps get some decent tones and volume out of it. without it it's fine, but with the pre amp it's better. i've never used it live so i can't help you there, it could probably work but it may not sound that great through a PA.

it would be easier to get a vocal effects unit of some sort, but you probably want a more "real" sound. try it out if you can and see what you can do with it. i think it would sound better through some tubes though. maybe if you had a pre amp you could run it into before the PA that could work better. or just get an amp you can use for it and mic it up. personally i'd just leave it for the studio so there's less gear to worry about in a live setting.