Howdo folks, this is my first post here. Hoping its the right place!

I released my first ever music video the other week and the song will be featured on an EP shortly... anyway here it is...


Just cane in youtube.com before that!



Casually yesterday i listen a lot of songs like that, a friend of mine is recording his solo album. It is just this type of music... I truly support this music and of course, You already know you did an awesome and hard work on that song, i came to say that i enjoyed your playing, the song and the edition of the video. Keep it up. Lovely and truly soulful work.

I leave you here my work, it's a Bass solo album that i start to record in the studio today.

Hope someday i can see you playing just like i saw my friend last nite. If you can, keep in touch by soundcloud or facebook. Cheers.
Sincerely, Carlos, from Venezuela.
" Living the world as the music makes me feel "
That was quite nice. Another excellent song, not to mention a really nice video and sound quality. Looks like you had fun doing it, too. Excellent job! I also liked the horizontal guitar playing. Nice!!!