I have been visiting lyric website as I try my hand at singing. My work computer doesn't have very good virus protection and apparently by using google and going to one of the first few sites listed on a search for lyrics I have attracted many virus/malware. Does anyone know of a good website they trust for viewing lyric interpretations?
a-z lyrics always seems to be the first one that pops up, yeah?

In my restless dreams...
I see that town.
Silent Hill.
You promised you'd take me there again someday.
But you never did.

Well, I'm alone there now.
In our 'special place'...
Waiting for you.

Yeah, there are a few, whichever is the run with the green background seems to be the worst. Just littered with pop-ups and traps it seems. I wish UG did lyrics somedays, but there has to be a site as safe as UG but for lyrics. Cause its really embarrassing when your getting virus at work for looking up lyrics and not porn.
If you want try metrolyrics as their site is exceptional and complete. Don't be bother of you do not have antivirus installed as I know pretty well that the website is doing well and very secured.

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You should probably download avaast or something dude...
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AVG, Kaspersky, Avaast, MalwareBytes
All free, good options.
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Some of these have ads, but they're not overwhelming:

http://www.azlyrics.com/ (probably has the most advertisements)
http://www.metrolyrics.com/ (claims to have over 1,000,000 songs) (website has a great design)

If you're overrun by virus, you could get avast, avg, mcafee or some other free antivirus software.

You can always go the library