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I've been doing some recording with a rented Mesa Stiletto (w/ a Marshall cab) plugged into a Steinberg CI1 which is recording to my laptop. The tone coming from the amp sounds exactly as I want it, but the sound captured by my DAW sounds incredibly fuzzy and muddied, as if it was a speaker playing volumes much too loud for its capacity. I've messed with all the settings on the interface itself and tried turning down the amp but the problem still persists. Any idea what's going on?
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How is the marshall cab going into the interface?
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If you've got the amp plugged directly into the interface, that fuzzy sound is perfectly normal - you need cabinet emulation to make it sound good. Although renting a high-end up to use as a glorified DI preamp is a waste of time IMHO.

If you're miking, you need to tell us what you're using and how it's positioned.
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How is the marshall cab going into the interface?

Yes, we need to know this.

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How is the marshall cab going into the interface?

This before anything.

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