Poll: Are "CLUTCH" Rock Gods or what?
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Yes, their place in the R&R hall of fame is sealed.
2 50%
No, I hate CLUTCH like I hate Government.
1 25%
The God's of Rock have nothing on CLUTCH
2 50%
When I die I want ABBA played at my funeral.
1 25%
Voters: 4.
No band in this modern day and age could even come close to writing lyrics and the massive infectious riffs that these seasoned lads have done on all their albums for over 20 years.
They have done justice to all old school rockers and kept it real without all the big publicity or selling out. I am not being one eye'd as it may appear for some, for I have the utmost respect for many bands both present and past but Clutch hit all the right notes on all the right levels. They have postponed mortality and are ROCK GODS. Those who disagree are busy listening to Doof Doof, J-z and Lady Gaga right now... But those who understand real musicianship would surely agree.
when i used to live in the states i was not far from baltimore. i would see clutch play the bars there all the time with bands like abraham's meat plow, and gangster pump. in fact, i hung out on the pro rock forum in it's hey day under another name. i like the old stuff. but they are cool guys, met them a few times.
I want to be the Robert De Niro of Asia
What a strange poll, I do like Clutch though. In fact I have a Clutch thread here somewhere.
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