Hey guys,

Does anyone have good djent/progressive metal guitar tone settings or presets like periphery/the safety fire?

Waiting for reply.
Thanks a lot everyone
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What settings, amp settings? If so, what amp? Or what pedal, if you are asking about a pedal? Or what guitar processor, if you are asking about a processor?
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Step 1: New, heavy-gauge strings; something like Power Slinkies.

Step 2: TIGHT noise-gates. If you're recording DI, put one at the start of the chain and one at the end of the chain. Calibrate it so it's as tight as possible without cutting off notes or hurting your sustain.

Step 3: Tubescreamer sim, amp sim (TSE X50 worked for me), impulse (I HIGHLY recommend the free Redwirez impulses; imo have the most life-like cab thump emulation, which is pretty needed for a good djent tone). High mids, high treble, fairly high presence, low bass, but enough to keep some cab thump on the palm mutes.

Step 4: EQ. No rules here, of course, but you'll probably want to low-pass down to at least 8k, though no lower than 7k. I personally like to high-pass between 100-130, to make room for the bass guitar, but you can go down to 60-80 if you're not a fan of the bass guitar. Cut narrowly at 4k or thereabouts to clear up that nasty fizz you'll most likely have, another narrow cut around 3k to make room for the vocals (you'll hear it; the louder this frequency, the harder it suddenly becomes to hear the vocals). You might hear some mud at 250 and 500-650; cut just a bit here, CAREFULLY, until the drums start poking through/that "recorded in a cardboard box" sound goes away. Too much and it'll sound scooped. Sometimes I like to boost just a bit at about 1500, to increase that djenty "clank."

Hopefully this summary helps a bit; all these same tips apply if you're micing a real amp btw, just ignore step 3.
Boost 1400 and 2200 Hz, cut 900 slightly, low pass at 10 (or to taste, I usually keep 10k).
1400 and 2200 are the most important places to boost, those frequencies give you that nasty Meshuggah esque metallic honk.

Rest is more or less to taste, depending on what kind of a sound you're after. Periphery has the most "normal" sounding tone, but even they have that metallic upper mid boost. Meshuggah has the nastiest I have heard so far, will need a bit more extensive eq-ing than just boosting those two frequencies.
Boosting around 2k is alright I suppose, just be careful; you run the risk of masking your vocals if you boost it too much.
18 or 24db/octave low cut at 180/200 hz,
put a noise gate with fast attack and super fast release before everything,
boost the mids before the amp simulator and the highs in the amp,
use just enough gain to hear a good "djent" when palm muting, nothing more or it will probably get muddy.
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