Hi, I was checking out some pickups for my guitar. I was looking for something different from what I have, when I found a pair of originals 1970 Gibson Mini Humbucker from a 1970 Les Paul Deluxe. The problem is the add says : Price on demand, but I have no idea what is the value of 2 originals 1970 mini humbucker. Here's a link to the add :

[forbidden link]

Can anybody give me an idea of their value? Also, are they any good?
$200-$250 would be about the most I would pay for them. They are not PAF's, so they will hold less value.

Unless you are doing a restore on an old Gibson, I would pass on them. You have the ability of choosing from so many aftermarket pickups that are arguably as good or better for less.
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I don't think I would give that much for them to be honest. Mini humbuckers aren't a very popular thing and that particular set isn't anything special amongst mini's. Unless the mojo of owning vintage Norlin Obscurity is a major plus to you, you'd most likely get better bang-for-your-buck on modern equivalents.

EDIT: Looking around on eBay it really depends. Some sell for about $150 each, others bring about $40. I don't know enough about them to determine why some bring $150. But yeah, they're not a terribly valuable pickup given the vintage.
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One of the problems with the Gibson "Mini Humbucker" pickup is that it fact, it is not a Gibson design. The "Mini Humbucker" was the pickup that Epiphone used to put on its hollowbody archtop jazz guitars. Gibson adopted it because in the late 1950s their humbucker was in greater demand than their single coil P90 pickups, and Gibson still had quite a few Les Paul bodies routed for the P90s. They discovered that the "Mini Humbucker" fit into the P90 cavity just fine, and that they could cut out the top of a P90 plastic cover and use it as a mounting ring. It saved them from re-routing those Les Paul bodies for full-sized humbuckers. At some point in time, Gibson took over all production of Epiphone stuff, including the "Mini Humbucker" pickups, so they are in fact made by Gibson (on old Epiphone winding machines).

The Les Paul Deluxe was actually a favorite of Les Paul himself, back in the mid-1970s. Despite this, it was never anywhere near as popular as the Les Paul Standard. More than a few people had a technician re-route their Les Paul Deluxe guitars to take a full-sized humbucker set.

If you really want them, I'd offer US$100.00 for the set. They really aren't worth more than that. They were on the bright side, tonally. People wanted the midrange "honk" of a full-sized humbucker. I know of no collector interest in them that would justify a higher price.
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