Hi guys!

I've recently inherited this guitar from my grandad. In what was probably an attempt to hide how much money he'd spent on it from his wife, all ID info has been removed. I've checked inside and there's a couple of tiny corners that are left from the label being removed, there is nothing under the neck after (carefully) removing that, and it looks like there was once a metal or plastic name badge on the headstock that was held in by two screws. Again, removed.

Unfortunately no idea on age of it, but it has been in my mother's possession for the past 29 years.

I've done a fair amount of trawling around now, so any pointers would be much appreciated!


There were some very close matches, and after looking a bit further I found out that they sold guitars under a few names, Audition being one of them. A quick search reveals that that is exactly what this is!

Google Search Results

Again, thanks