Hey guys

Iv had a Squier Showmaster sitting around unused for years and recently decided i wanted to sand it down to a natural finish. The original colour was a tacky looking blue that iv never really been a fan of. Anyway as this is my first attempt at this (and im not really a DIY sorta person) i have a few questions....

How deep should i be sanding it down too?? Iv got most of the paint off and it has left me with what looks like lacquered wood. However in some areas it looks like iv sanded to much and its gone down to what looks more like un lacquered wood (as seen in picture 1). Is this what i should be going for?

If i have gone to far then iv got weird looking lighter patches where it looks like iv sanded down deeper on small sections (picture 2). Any way of fixing this? Or is it just a case of sanding everything else down to match it?

After sanding i noticed small cracks appearing. I would notice one then put the guitar down, look at it a few hours later and it had gone but others in different places had developed which have stayed since. Seems pretty strange to me im guessing these are cracks in a lacquer that is still on the body which i guess means more sanding for me (Picture 3).

Also has anyone got any recommendations for what lacquer or oil to use once its been sanded down? Im a sucker for wood grain to anything that will make this alder body look more pronounced heres a couple more pictures of the front and back (Picture 4 & 5).

Im pretty sure i know whats going on but would be nice to have some confirmation from someone who knows what they're talking about.


Picture 1 - [forbidden link]

Picture 2 - [forbidden link]

Picture 3 - [forbidden link]

Picture 4 - [forbidden link]

Picture 5 - [forbidden link]
shame your pics don't work. try posting them from photobucket or imageshack etc.

or upload them to your post.

i've used watco clear lacquer with good results. you may want to use a stain, oil, or dye to bring out the grain/figure of the wood.
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