so i wanted to know what can i do to improve or which songs that are normal/hard should i learn to get better. i wan to be able to play dream theater i can play some songs like lines in the sand but some songs or solos are very hard for me, also i cant sweep pick. i can play future world from helloween complete just for you guys to get an idea but cant nail tornado of souls or holy wars solo. so what can i do ?
Sometimes it may be better to leave a really tough part and come back to it, but it often boils down to having to sit there and drill it slowly, with a metronome. Petrucci and Friedman would have spent a long time practicing, and practicing properly, in order to get that fast and clean. It has been said that practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. If you don't know what I mean by perfect practice, then say so and we'll give you some advice

If you wanna play Dream Theater stuff, try The Count of Tuscany. It's very challenging, but it's not quite as bad as some of their crazier stuff. No sweeping in it, either

Not to say that you can't play crazy fast stuff on a Les Paul - of course you can! But a lot of shreddy types favour sleeker necks. If you try playing other guitars when you get the opportunity, you can see what works for you. It's better to think "I want guitar X because feature Y might work for what I want to play" than just because it looks good, or because your favourite guitarist uses that guitar.
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