No I'm not talking about the website, silly. I mean is there an electric guitar, that if you acquired it, would be ultimately satisfied, and never ever want to play or buy anything else?

What would that guitar be, and why? Do you currently own that guitar?

I mean I see interviews with pro musicians and rock stars that own up to 200 guitars. It's their money and they can blow it however they wish, but at some point you just gotta think that its completely pointless to acquire another. Me, I've got 5, and as I look at ever more higher end gear, I wonder even if my on skill level/competence at this is sufficient and what am I looking for that I don't already have. I tried a PRS at a music store just goofing around on my lunchbreak. And I didn't like it, at all. It just didn't feel good or sound in anyway better than the midgrade kit I currently own.
No, there isn't. Of course there isn't. Is there an ultimate meal, or car, or person, or literally any thing at all when it comes to subjective performance?

This is just a question of preference. We don't allow "Vs." or "Best" threads because they just end up in pointless argument, and no useful content or discussion.