Half Acre Day - Anemones. Here is the song which tab would be appreciated. This is not complex song at all. Really simple arrangement, but I still struggle to collect all the sounds. Basically there is just a chords which are played and one of them for main riff. I am beginner, I can't recognize the sound listening by ear. I might be wrong, it can be actually not a chord, but an interval or power chord, if you like. But I head the sound is more full, so I expect it's full chord, and basically in chorus you may hear a change in sounds, so a mixture of chords. Well, it's just a guess. I need a help. Please. This is such a lovely pure indie song. I bet not me only likes it and wants to play it, as long I find this easy even for a very beginner to play.

Skirmantas Stankevičius.