Listening to it

the intro thing was kinda normal for me, but i like it. The sound is great! Of the guitar, the drum part is weird, but i understand it, there is a Clip, i cant say what it is, but i do not like it at all, it's in the drum. The bass line, is pretty normal... I think it has to be more groovy (Bass Player talking :P). 1:45, i Did not expect that. Haha, i like that part on the guitar... 2:25, that part sounds good. The solo its great! I like the two guitars pan L-R ...

I did not like at all how you end the song, really, the song was great and the end it's not what you are waiting, for me, i think.

Generally, It's like post rock , it made me put my ear into it. That is good!

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