I'm thinking about having my TS modded. Anyone have any experience with them? Is it worth it? What is the general process and timeframe of having a mod done?

I'm thinking about having the baked mod done but what are the differences between that and the mod plus if i'm just diming the output and pulling back the gain all the way?
i have implemented the Keeley mods myself. The main thing is a capacitor swap from a 0.047 to a 0.1uF that reduces how much bass cut you get. The more/less mod as they describe it isn't right. This is better:
To increase max gain, change the pot from 500k to 1M and to decrease the minimum gain, lower the value of the 51k resistor in series with it to 10k or lower.

Both very simple things to do yourself if you can solder (or know somebody that can)
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i'm the least bit knowledgable about stuff like that. basically what i'm looking for is a little bit more "oomph" out of the pedal and a brighter LED