I play a shechter c-7 hellraiser. Ive been working on finger independence, and ive been doing chromatic excercises trying to keep all fingers on the strings untill they need to move


problem is, I get fingers 1 and 2 on the next string, and my pinky and ring finger (3 & 4) cant stop rubbing against the neighboring string, thus making a thud of my stroke on that string. It's messing me up and making it hard to do these excercises, and I don't want to be practicing these incorrectly just so I can get the strings to ring out.

Is it my 7-strings thick neck or is it just me needing to practice more? Will this issue go away?
finger independence excercises suck but I dont want to give up
I think I may have found the culprit. I just had to slow down
like...REALLY slow down, to one beat every two seconds slow
im still going to work on this like mad
Anyway you was doing something wrong, when that's the case observe yourself to find out what you are doing to give undesirable noise. It is hard to someone else tell you.

In that specific exercise, even when doing everything correctly strings tend to ring once you move to the next. If that happens mute with left index finger.
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i touch the strings with the tips of my fingers, but the front of my pinky, while stationary, always seems to touch the next string up when I move my index and ring finger. It's just very frustrating.