Hey guys, I've been casually playing guitar for about 5 years, and I'm just now starting to get serious with my playing.

I've only played on m.i.j strats, which I don't like that much.

I usually play stuff like 3rd Wave Ska, rock, classic rock, and some other stuff that I don't necessarily focus on, such as Iron Maiden I'll just randomly learn a song or so...

However, I do like to play solos, I'm working on trying to play them quite quickly, and sometimes I'll just like to sit down and make up stuff.

I'd prefer an Ibanez guitar, kind of looking at the RG series, since I've read lots of good reviews and they're fairly popular, maybe under $500, $600.


Feel free to give me a series or as many guitars as you like.
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If you want an RG, go out and play those in your price range, easy.
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I was more so looking for other suggestions as to what guitars would suit my needs, but I guess that's probably the best way to find out
If you're dead set on an Ibanez RG, find a used prestige (rg1570) or an older MiJ pre-prestige rg550/570. If you don't want a trem look at the rga121's or rg1451.
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