ok so I need money to buy a PA and want to sell an amp but I got it for free so I'm not sure how much it's worth.

It's an ashdown radiator 2 160 watt 2x8 acoustic amp.

you can see pictures and descriptions here


Ordinarily I just look at the used price and start at 60-70% of original price but I have no idea how much it went for new. It's an awesome amp, though, that's for sure.


EDIT: Forgot to mention I live in montreal canada. I didn't see that one on craigslist in my area but in other places of the world, it's 400-700$ used on CL. saw one advertised for 1300 in new zealand...
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so I don't like bumping an old thread but I just wanted to take a chance someone might still answer. Should this have gone in the acoustic forum?