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so, let me get this straight... I need to focus more on what I am playing, rather than how fast I play it?

You should be practicing at the speed where you can play it properly, ie cleanly and without any tension. This is normally a good bit slower than your max speed. By keeping it clean you are learning how to play (anything else is practicing how to play messily) and as you get comfortable you'll naturally speed up a little bit.

Think of the opposite: you only ever play as fast as you can. It's sloppy and full of mistakes but much faster. When you practice like this, you are learning how to play sloppy with mistakes. And after a while you naturally get a bit faster. But now you are still sloppy and full of mistakes. And that's just plain bad. Eventually you'll need to learn to play cleanly, so save yourself the effort and start doing that first. It's harder to play cleanly. You'll find that you can go faster and faster as you get better, but you only get better by getting clean and mistake free.

Occasionally you can also do sprints and bursts at your max speed, cos of course its a lot of fun, but slow down to your max comfort and clean speed when you actually want to improve.. you only ever learn what you practice. If you practice while watching TV, you'll only be a guitarist whose playing is as passionate as someone watching TV. You really wanna be that guy completely focused yet completely lost in creating music, right? That spaced out place.. it's not on front of the TV.
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okay... sounds like what I have recently picked up on... once again, thank you all for your words of wisdom...
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